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China sourcing knows all there is to know about importing from China.

Do we sound too self-confident? Yet it’s true.

We have more than 13 years of experience in Chinese import commerce. We have our own offices and colleagues in China, they will oversee the compete ordering or custom manufacturing processes from the first step – the market research until the delivery of the last screw.

We know the Chinese market, the suppliers and the traditions, we are familiar with the manufacturing processes and the quality requirements, this is precisely why we can help our clients to find the most favorable business opportunities.

A substantial percentage of future products is manufactured in China.

Now the only question is how, in what quality and for how much these products will reach the end-user. And we are really good at answering these questions. We make connections, share our experience, represent the interests of our clients, and find the best partners to collaborate with.

Are you interested? See the strength of our experience and connections in Asia for yourself!

China sourcing is an expert of Chinese procurement!

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China sourcing


Business advice

We know the Chinese market, the suppliers and the traditions. →
We assess the demands of our clients and then we give them advice on what is the best way to start this process, and what to expect exactly.

Market research

We will find the possible partners. →
We will check the quality, inspect the chosen factory and talk with the people in charge. We will determine whether the capacity of the partner is suitable for long term cooperation.


We request product samples and quotations →
from the potential partners for various scenarios. We collect the offers in a way that makes them easy to compare and helps you to make a decision quickly.


We will thoroughly investigate the chosen partners. →
We will check whether they meet EU or US standards, and we will also review their procurement, production and packaging processes.


Be it the procurement of a finished product, →
the sale of an existing product under a different brand or even the creation of a product completely new to the market, we will always find the ideal partner for you.

Logistics / Transportation

This might be one of the most frightening tasks for the clients, however →
luckily we know this field inside out. We will deliver the product to the requested location, store it in the warehouse, deal with customs clearance, all in accordance with the provisions of the law, and we will even help with repackaging, if necessary. The only thing you have to focus on is sales.


We aim to be “on the same wavelength” as our clients. →
This way, we can warn them even before a mistake could occur. The complete representation of our clients is not just an empty slogan, we will do our best to prevent everything that would throw a wrench into the machine.

Quality control

We always aim to balance the quality - cost - time triangle. →
This means that we are present throughout the whole production process. We will be there when the machines are started up and when the last product rolls off the production line, and if necessary, even during the production process.

Individual requirements

We like a challenge. This is one of the reasons we’ve been working in this field →
for 13 years. If you have any questions we didn’t answer above, just send us a mail. We will gladly discuss any ideas, and who knows, maybe this will be the beginning of a productive relationship.


We order, check, and if necessary we also repackage, load and even ship the desired product →
to the selected destination. We also make sure that we select the best value-for-money shipment option available (China post, Fedex/DHL or even EMS E-Packet).

FBA prep

We take over all tasks needed to sell through Amazon. We make all necessary preparations →
for the products to comply with Amazon rules, from quality check, through repackinging and labeling, to sending to the right boxes.

Product Photo Shooting

Professional product photos / Photshooting The products may have not even left the harbour, →
but you already want them to be avaiable for sale on your website. We can make that happen, too. In our professional studio we can create high quality teasers for any products.



China sourcing

1. Continuous presence

We not only “often” travel to China. We live there. Some of our colleagues have been living there for more than ten years.  They know the language, the traditions, the work ethic, the opportunities and the obstacles. They know all there is to know about the Chinese market.

2. We are “on the same wavelength” as our partners.

If the supplier makes a mistake… we are also at fault. If the client makes a mistake… we are also at fault. We have to coordinate everything, remove any obstacles and any possible sources of errors before they could occur. We are good at this. In the last 13 years we have seen a great many things, so we will notice even the tiniest of banana peels. And if not, we offer a guarantee. We are sure this is enough to convince you.

3. Speed

The ability to quickly adjust to the environment is no longer a competitive advantage, it’s a requirement. To ensure that our clients are satisfied, we have to minimize dead time. To achieve this, you have to immediately know “where to go”, who to meet and where to get the information. In the past years we have built a network of connections in Asia that makes all of this possible. We are able to obtain quick and precise information immediately.

4. We meet the deadlines.

According to the DISC test, blue type people are analytical – they value frameworks and deadlines. We are “blue”. Deadlines are not only a “hope we can finish by this time” date, but the day when the production must start, the products must be delivered and the products must be stored in the warehouse. Deadlines are sacred!

5. Our partners are our priority

We started more than 13 years ago. Since then more than 20 clients have trusted us with their business. And of these clients are still with us. Is there a better argument for choosing us? I don’t believe so. Their interest are our interest.

We Build Connectios!

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Expert of Chinese procurement!

We build connections!


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